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Calamagrostis arundinacea 'Karl Foerster' (FEATHER REED GRASS)
Feathery pink flowers in summer. 5'. Zone 4.  Size: #3
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Carex hachioensis 'Evergold' (JAPANESE SEDGE GRASS)
Bright yellow margins, green midvein. 10". Zone 5. Size: #1,  #2
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Festuca 'Boulder Blue'
Bright, metallic blue foliage. These compact, rounded plants which are great for containers, as they only grow 6-12" tall. Upright spikes of blue-green flowers. Perfect for borders, rock gardens, containers and groundcover.  view more details

Festuca ovina var. glauca 'Elijah Blue' (BLUE SHEEP FESCUE)
Round tufts of thin blue foliage. 8". Full sun. Zone 5. Size: #1
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Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron' (JAPANESE BLOOD GRASS)
Bright red tips on green foliage. 20". (available in summer)  Zone 5. Size: #1, #3
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Pale pink-reddish flowers. Excellent yellow fall color. 7'. Zone 4. Size: #3
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Broad white and green striped leaves with a white center. Pinkish-white plumes bloom July-Sept. Stunning yellow fall color. 6'. (available in summer) Zone 5. Size: #3
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'Gracillimus' (MAIDEN GRASS)
Arching stalks with feathery flower clusters turning from red-white. 7'. Zone 5.  Size: #3
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 'Little Zebra'
Excellent compact form similar to 'Strictus'. Yellow banded, green foliage with reddish plumes appearing July-Sept. 5'.  (available in summer) Zone 5.  Size: #3 view more details

'Morning Light'
Fine blades with variegated green and white stripes. 4'. Zone 5. Size: #3
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'Purpurascens' (PURPLE SILVER GRASS)
Compact, excellent orange-red fall color that turns reddish brown. 4'. Zone 4. Size: #3

Striking gold banded, green foliage. Copper colored plumes bloom July-Sept. 5'. (available in summer) Zone 5.  Size: #3 view more details

Green and white striped leaves. 6'. Zone 5. Size: #3
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  PANICUM VIRGATUM (Switch Grass):

'Heavy Metal'
Erect blades turn yellow in the fall. 3'. Zone 5. Size: #3
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'Prairie Sky'
Upright switch grass. 5'. Zone 3. Size: #3
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'Ruby Ribbons'
Soft blue-green foliage emerges in the spring on upright, clumping plants. The foliage takes on a wine-red color in early summer, which intensifies as the season progresses. Flower heads appear in late summer. view more details

Deep green foliage matures to red tips through the summer. 4'. Zone 4. Size: #3

Dwarf fountain grass, plumes late in summer. 24". Zone 5. Size: #3
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'Little Bunny'
Dwarf mound, white spikes late in summer. 11". Zone 5. Size: #3
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Attractive light green grass blooms buff colored plumes June-Sept. 4'. Zone 5. Size: #3
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